Why choose Adoption? And what do I need to know?

Adopting a horse can be a deeply rewarding experience.

There are many reasons why to choose adopting a horse. The biggest reason is there are far more unwanted horses than there are homes for them, when you choose to adopt, you are not only proving care and a safe loving home, but you are also freeing up space for another horse to be rescued. Many horses are sold to auctions and then spend many months being cramped together in small areas and pushed from place to place only to be trucked to other countries for slaughter.  When adopting you are not only saving that particular horse, but you are also saving another horse from a terrible situation.

 As wonderful as this experience can be, adopting a horse is a tremendous responsibility.  Below are some things to consider when adopting a horse. 

What goes into owning a horse?

  • Grain/feed.
  • Hay/forage.
  • Pasture/turnout.
  • Salts/minerals or other supplements.
  • Farrier service (required every six to eight weeks)
  • Veterinary care
  • Utilities.
  • Tack & supplies

How do you maintain a horse?

  1. Feed horses hay and/or grain morning and night.
  2. Clean and refill water buckets morning and night.
  3. Muck out stalls and replace bedding morning and night.
  4. Check and pick out hooves daily.
  5. Remove blankets in the morning and replace in the evening during winter months.
  6. provide fly masks and fly gear during warmer months

What do I need to know about horses?

  • They are big.
  • They are strong
  • They can read you and are very intuitive 
  • They eat. ALL. THE. TIME.
  • They have their own personalities.
  • They can learn things as easily as you can.
  • They recognize people.
  • They have a very long memory.
  • They are very athletic.
  • They are herd animals.