Reasons to Foster

Do you want to help a horse in need without the commitment of being an owner? Become an approved foster for one or more of our horses. We are always looking for individuals with horse experience that can foster one or more of our horses. When you foster, you are not only helping that particular horse, but you are also helping to open up space for another horse in need.

You are also helping us financially by covering all of the day to day expenses of the horse(s) you are being a foster for.

As a foster, you will need to be willing to take on the day to day expenses of the horse. You will also need to apply for the horse you would like to foster and agree to give us timely mannored updates on the horse if taken off the Rescue grounds so that we know how the horse is doing. You also must be willing to let Serenity make visits to the horse(s) to ensure they are being properly cared for.