In loving memory

We mourn and miss each of these horses every day.

November 2022-  We said a tearful goodbye to our beloved Whisper recently, he passed away after a short battle with colic surrounded by many of the Serenity family, he will be greatly missed by all who knew him. 



It is with deepest sympathy that we add Jasmine to our memorial. Although she was not a serenity horse, she was a part of the serenity family. she passed peacefully in her sleep at the age of 20.




August 2022-  We recently said a tearful goodbye to our sweet Cherry Berry. Thank you to Brittany and family for giving her a perfect home these last few months. We'll see her again at the Rainbow Bridge.She was over 30 and having severe pain in her fused sacrum.



Bertha - Our giant Belgian Mare (on the right), she was over 30 years old! She is shown here with her pasture mate Betty (on the left)

Two of our very first rescues, Nigel the Standardbred he came from the kill pen with a choke so bad the veterinarian recommended euthanizing. He was a sweet soul and he tried really hard.