1.) What's the difference between fostering and adoption?

  • Adoption is you legally own the horse(s).
  • Foster is you are providing daily care for the horse, as well a place for the horse(s) to stay while waiting for adoption. If horses stay at our one of our locations, volunteers help with feeding.

2.)  How do I adopt?

  • Contact the rescue
  • fill out an adoption application
  • select a horse
  • fill out an adoption agreement
  • make arrangements for transporting the horse to its new home!

3.) How do I foster?

  • Contact the rescue
  • fill out an adoption application (It’s the same for foster and adoption)
  •  select a horse
  •  sign a foster agreement
  •  make arrangements for transporting the horse if needed.

4.) What are your hours?

  • We have no set hours we are by appointment only.

 5.) How long does it take to process my application?

  • 24 hours or less

 6.) Where does Serenity adopt?

  • We typically adopt out to Wisconsin and surrounding states.  

 7.) Do Serenity horses come with current cogging and vaccinations?

  • Yes, all of our rescues come with current cogging and vaccinations.

 8.) what if I no longer wish to adopt/ foster? 

  • While your adopted horse is yours to bond with, ride and enjoy, we do understand that things happen, and you may not be able to keep your adopted or fostered horse. If this happens, we ask for a 30-day notice so that we are able to make the appropriate accommodations. The horse may be relinquished back to the rescue or moved to a new Serenity approved home. Horses MUST be returned in good condition and with a current Coggins and vaccinations. Adoption horses cannot be bred for any reason. 

 9.) What are the expectations for Serenity's adopters/ fosters?

  • We try to keep adoption fun and easy, but also want to ensure every horse entrusted to us is where it should be and is being properly cared for. What that means for adopters is that you need to feed, water, trim, vaccinate, de-worm and float teeth to keep the horse in good weight and health. We also love updates and photos, whether in email or posted on our social media forums.

  10.) Do I need to do a meet and greet?

  • Yes, in order for us to assure that we've made the right fit for horse and potential adopter we ask that a meet and greet be set up, this can be the same day as picking up the horse from one of our locations. 

 11.) Do I need to have another horse in order to adopt?

  • Yes, horses naturally live in herds and would never choose to live alone. 

 12.) Do you take surrenders and what is the process?

  • Yes, we ask for a $250 surrender fee. We have to have board approval to take a surrender. There is also a surrender agreement which must be signed.

 13.) How can I help?

  • Volunteer! Serenity is 100% volunteer based; we could not do the work we do without our volunteers.
  • Donate! Every penny donated goes back into the daily care of the horses here at Serenity. The easiest way to help financially is to make a donation through any of the PayPal "donate" buttons on our website.
  •  Serenity Horse Rescue Inc also has fundraisers throughout the year, and we always need help with things like volunteering to sell raffle tickets, working concessions at Ice Hogs games with us, donating saleable items, etc. 
  • You can also become a Sponsor. It is simple and you can simply set up a monthly donation that is made automatically from your credit or debit card or from your PayPal account. 

14.)  Are the horses trained?

  • While we have horses that are rideable, many of them may need additional training. If they are trained in particular area, it usually is in their description. The rescue works with the horses as much as possible but generally has does not have resources to train the horses.
15.) Who can I contact for additional questions?